The cancer and the mind


I'm gonna share a point of view that I have, and that I would like to
share with the world. Our world. The people of Earth. The cancer. The
cancer is a disease that kind of disconnects us from our environment
at the present moment. I mean, we are at the sea level, but somehow
our body acts or reacts like if we were at the top of a mountain. At
high or very high altitude. That disconnection causes disease and our
body starts to malfunction. Things can go much far and the disease can
be terrible. I believe. Our mind is dreams, our mind has wings, our
mind flies deep into the more far regions of space, and that is called
Astral Projection. Solar system and the moons of the planets. In the
Andes, the indians take coca leaves which they chew so they can stand
the altitude. What if we try to give some coca, or coca tea, or a
medication made with cocaine, to those sick people, who have cancer?..
Will they reconnect to their present environment, in which they are
now?.. I say this because that is called "toxic dependence" or
something (today) called like it. We could depend on coca to survive.
Like we could depend on cannabis or hemp to survive. I think I do,
with hemp, today.

Thank you very much for listening. I'll be online :)


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