Hemp with CBD - perfect health

Still regarding the question about hemp flowers with CBD (or , I think, just CBD). I talk about my own personal experience, and I can tell you that it is the truth. It really happened to me. Till the end of August 2015, I was weighting 88 kilos, I had high cholesterol, and my transiminitis (transaminases) was all wrong. As soon as I started taking the tea (hemp flowers with CBD), probably just the next day, I started loosing weight, like going a lot to the bathroom and so. Next June I did analysis, and everything was mostly just ok. Everything. I was ok, and the Doctor just told me to eat fish, fat fish like sardines, and mackerel. Just that. I am 1,76m tall, and now I weight about 74 kilos, for a real long time. I will do a new medical checkup next June.
Thanks for listening :)


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