A guy that comes here to the house

Hi. There's this guy that comes here, on a contract with my sister Alexandra Alves and that does physiotherapy to my mom. Ever since she fell for the first time in 2013. He has a degree in Economy, I don't know where he's from, I suppose he's Portuguese, he's white, and his name is Daniel Lourenço. He is not a Doctor he does massages in Corporations, and he was acquainted to my sister Margarida Alves short before my mom fall for the first time in 2013. My sisters insisted so much that my mom did Physiotherapy that they contracted this guy to come here  to the house. He is a Surf professor in praia de Carcavelos. I think he's from somewhere in the North, cause he says he's going there sometimes to visit his family. He has a small son called Salvador, with a girl called Andreia. I think he's looking for trouble. My mom hates the physiotherapy he does the her and it's my sister Alexandra who opens the house door to him. He knows some Jiu Jitsu. My sist…

Model to print in 3d


This link is to download a file that is a 3d model I've made. It's in .obj format and you can view it online at: . I suppose you can print it in 3d though it may may be expensive (about 120€). It's a cup and I've called it "the graal". It's about 25cm high.


Hope you like it

Thanks :)

Fight with my sisters in 1994 - the same 2 police officers

On the New Year’s eve of 1994 I was here at my house with my mom and my 3 sisters. I had my 2 dogs, two cocker spaniels that were my father’s, Ness, the male, which was white and golden, and polly which was all black, the female. I was at the kitchen. I think it was the day I had an argument with my sister Alexandra’s boyfriend, MIguel Viqueira. He was alone in the living room watching Tv and he had his feet put on a bench and he was there all relaxed. I felt it was wrong so I went near him and I changed the Tv channel. He starts arguying, saying he was watching the Tv. I faced him. He says he’s leaving so he left the house immediatly. So, my sisters, Alexandra and Margarida were already nervous. As I remember, I went to the kitchen and there were my mom and my sister Alexandra Alves, cooking. The dog, Ness, puts his nose in the kitchen wardrobe near the ground, going to the potatoes, trying to pick one. I gradbed him, not too strong and he starts whinning. My sister Alexandra starts…

Police violence - Portugal

Hi. Another thing. In 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 I was smacked by two police officers and made to told them where I bought my drugs. Really like torture. It was on the same day (since I remember), the 12th August around 14H, near the ancient Casal Ventoso, which no longer exists. It was demolished around 2001, I think. When João Soares was the Mayor of Lisbon and Antonio Guterres was the Prime Minister. As long as I can remember. The officers were always the same two guys. One was called Pedro de Silva, and the other one was called Manuel Campos, and those were the names they had written on the plaques on their uniform. The portuguese law was very very different regarding drugs than it is today. And the mere consumption of cannabis was a very severe criminal offense with prison penalties. This is what I remember. So, on those days, I went to Casal Ventoso to buy hasch, and I did manage to buy it. All those 4 times I had only 1 gram, only 1 gram. I smoked a joint nearby, and at the turn…

Family problems

Hi. When my father (Dr. José Moreira de Campos Alves, a Portuguese diplomat with the highest rank before embassador) died in 1991, soon after, in 1992 my mother told me that my father had a bank account in a Swiss bank and that my sister Margarida Alves forged my father's signature to withdraw the money that was in that bank account. That money belonged to the heirs, which was my mother and my three sisters and me. I don't know to whom bank account that money went, neither how much money was in that bank account. Maybe 10 years ago my mother told me that my share was 25.000€. I talked a few days ago with my sister Alexandra and she told me that it was very little which was in that bank account when my father died. Now, I don't trust nobody. All I have (really assured) is the heritage of the 3 houses, one in Lisbon (where I live with my mom) and two small houses in Algarve which used to be for our holidays. And that is assured. Now, this is public. My sister Alexandra Alve…

Ginseng overdose

I come to talk a little bit about Ginseng. To myself, Ginseng is a great plant. Very new in the West, and with many benefits to our health. I only know two kinds of Ginseng. Panax Ginseng and Ginseng G115. I believe Ginseng has got (like Cannabis and cannabinoids) something that is ginsenosids. With the root powder (Ginseng is a root) there isn't much stress, and taken with moderation, it cannot go much far. But with the Ginseng extracts, with high concentration of ginsenosids, it is a little bit different. The heart can speed up, one can become a little nervous, there may be some instability. But, to myself, I believe it is so much worth taking, with much interest to the health. One must be careful, and if one time it's too much, the next time it should be taken in a less portion. I believe it can be taken in the form of intravenous injections. I never ever have either heard of this, nor tried it. But I believe it is possible. To Medicine. Thank you.