Wi-fi the Sea O:)

Hi. Maybe the Sea is getting better. Maybe it's where the depression was, and I mean really was. One can really avoid sadness with this kind of things. Publicity, and information. Communication in fact. Dark secrets and pride. Weed legalization is just a quite complicated puzzle we have to resolve. It's really in colors, and maybe a cube. Intelligence is something that comes and goes. Easy is easy. I mean if wifi waves travel through space and air, even satellite, they must travel through the Sea and through the ground that's the Earth. Magnetic or electric, waves are it. I guess. Video or audio signals. The Sea electromagnetic "state" can be measured I guess. And it can be interfered with too. I saw a Hollywood movie, with a trip to the center of the Earth to avoid a catastrophe that would annihilate mankind. Man made earthquakes had gone loose, and all would end. Shine today, Shine Tonite, and sleep and rest well. And sweet dreams. Thanks!.. O:)


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