A mostrar mensagens de Janeiro, 2013

To my Friends and the Sun

Hi!.. I would like to write here something in honour of all my Friends. Also in honour of our Star, the Sun. I like my friends. There are people that I like. Boys and girls. I like the sun. I like it's warmth, and light, and I can hardly imagine how big he is. I like to be with my friends. On the internet, and so. I like to communicate. I like to express myself, and sharing my points of view. I like to feel good, and at peace, even with myself. I may have problems, but I am sure it's absolutely nothing that can't be resolved. I have strenghts and weaknesses, I am human, but I can change. I do!.. I can change just about all that I want, in a natural way, I believe. So, one day, a good friend of mine can come to me, and say:"I need to change too!..". What can I say?.. Well, I can say, practice some sports, make some physical exercise, walk for some time, it's ok, I guess. But, there are some very specific exercises that we can make that are very good to you, an…